Pre 2021 GRI Standards system FAQ

FAQ overview

By using the links on the left-hand menu, you can find information and answers to FAQs about the pre-2021 GRI Standards system, by category. 


Read this FAQ on meeting the effective dates of new and revised Topic Standards during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Standards interpretations

Please note that, as an independent standard-setter, the GRI Standards Division is not able to provide interpretations of text in the Standards or to provide consultancy advice on how to apply the Standards. If a concept is not clarified by the text of the Standards, then it is up to the judgment of the reporting organization to interpret this.


For feedback on the Standards, please email The feedback received on the Standards may be shared publicly with the Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB). The GSSB will consider this for future revisions of Standards and may develop FAQs, interpretations or guidance, as needed.

More questions?

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