COP26: Avoiding carbon tunnel vision

Published date: 08 November 2021

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The global gathering to drive forward action to address climate change - COP 26 - continues this week. Yet while there is consensus for greater action to achieve net-zero emissions, what does this mean for the wider sustainability agenda, as embodied by the Sustainable Development Goals?

In our latest opinion piece on Medium, Tina Nybo Jensen, International Policy Manager, explains why avoiding 'carbon tunnel vision' is essential. We need to see action on carbon emissions coordinated with efforts to progress sustainable development - with commitments backed up by resources and collaboration:

Avoiding carbon tunnel vision: action on climate change needs an inter-connected response

If we achieve net-zero emissions yet overlook human rights, or fail to safeguard biodiversity, what will this mean for the wellbeing of people and planet? To secure tangible results, the action needs to start today. And comprehensive reporting on sustainability impacts - with accountability from all organizations - is essential to measure progress."

Tina Nybo Jensen