Collaborations for sustainability

We work with many partners to advance sustainability and corporate accountability, using the power of reporting to unlock benefits for organizations, people and the planet. 

We engage with investors, stock exchanges and regulators to improve sustainability disclosure, and with governments to develop policies that stimulate corporate transparency.

We also run a range of programs in developing and emerging markets, funded by our strategic partners, to build reporting capacity, empower SMEs and create more transparent global value chains. 

The catalyst for sustainable development

The GRI Standards are strongly aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals - the global materiality assessment for our world. We provide resources and tools that enables companies understand and communicate their contribution to the SDGs.

Through our collaborations with governments, NGOs and others, we are empowering the private sector to take on a greater role in the collective efforts to accelerate progress in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Sustainable development

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‘Woke’ debate distracts from fiduciary duties to investors and society

11 Jan 2023
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Medium article by Margarita Lysenkova, Senior Manager – International Policy

09 Dec 2022
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GRI reporting companies well prepared for new European Standards

24 Nov 2022
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GRI becomes ‘Global Deal’ partner

Organization joins OECD-led initiative to advance stakeholder dialogue

21 Oct 2022
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