Certified Training Partners


Whether you are an existing GRI reporter or starting your reporting journey for the first time, training is available through our global network of Certified Training Partners (CTPs). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many CTPs are offering courses remotely. Please, contact your local training partner to register your interest. 

About the Certified Training Partners

We work with experienced training organizations from around the world to provide you with excellent training opportunities. We select and certify local training partner organizations to deliver insights on sustainability issues in your region. All of our training partners complete a comprehensive certification process.

View a full list of GRI Certified Training Partners  globally

Please note: only the above listed organizations have been assessed and authorized by GRI to deliver certified training courses, with content that we have quality assured and approved. We do not endorse any other providers, and caution against uncertified training even from organizations that may claim to be associated with GRI.


Courses available through the Certified Training Partner Program

Flagship course conducted by all GRI's Certified Training Partners:

GRI Certified Standards training course - Reporting with GRI Standards 2021 Updatelearn how to use the GRI Standards for the sustainability reporting process and gain insights on how to facilitate their use within your organization, delivered in your local language. 

Duration: around a day and a half


Courses that can be licensed by CTPs:

Licensed course - Integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into Sustainability Reporting: learn about the business case for engaging with the SDGs, understand the role of sustainability reporting in enabling sustainable development and discover current trends, challenges and opportunities on reporting on the SDGs

Duration: 3 hrs

Licensed course* - Sustainability Reporting Process: learn about the most common activities, tasks and challenges related to preparing a sustainability report and understand the benefits of reporting with the GRI Standards

*This course will be phased out in mid-2022 and will only be made available to those who started their certification path based either on the 2016 Standards edition (prior to November 2021 and for route A delegates) or before July 2022 (for route B delegates).

Duration: 3 hrs

Access the Certified Training Partners course calendar for more details.


Become a Certified Training Partner

As a GRI training partner, you will join a carefully selected group of training organizations around the world dedicated to empowering people to use the GRI Standards and support a more sustainable world. Please note all CTPs must be members of the GRI Community

Benefits of becoming a Certified Training Partner: 

  • Exclusive rights to offer GRI Certified Training Courses in your licensed region or globally  
  • Use of the ‘GRI Certified Training Partner’ organizational mark for promotional purposes 
  • Promotion of Training Partner organizations on the GRI website 
  • Promotion of your Certified Training Courses on the GRI website 

GRI’s assessment of application  for new CTPs is based on the following criteria: 

  • Training partners must be ethical organizations with a demonstrable history of GRI reporting 
  • Training partners must have a track record and educational expertise in the field of sustainability reporting, CSR, accountability, transparency, ethics or related subjects 
  • Have an established market with target participants and knowledge of regional CSR context 

CTP application process

The current CTP Program has run for more than 10 years, and was recently revised by GRI. Led by the feedback from our current partners and the experience gained, the updated program has been launched on 1 October 2021.

To apply, please complete an application form and submit it to the Training and Certification Team. Once reviewed and accepted, a Training Program and License Agreement (TLA) will be signed by both parties. 

Certification process

The certification process will be done in English and the course content provided will be the GRI Certified Training course – Reporting with the GRI Standards 2021 Update.

The above-mentioned certified training course consists of both GRI-developed and partner-developed content. Once the partner’s content has been reviewed and approved, GRI will consolidate all materials into a Certified Training Material Pack of the GRI Certified Training course – Reporting with the GRI Standards 2021 Update

Once an organization becomes a fully Certified Training Partner, they are licensed to offer GRI Certified Training in their specified region or, should they choose a global membership, the world (for detailed description of each region, please check the Pricing Policy document). The certification is valid for 12 months. 

Three months before the end of the license period, the training partner will undergo an evaluation based on the number of courses held during the previous year and the outcome of a quality control assessment. The renewal is automated, provided that the above requirement has been met, and the annual license fee for the next period has been paid. 

For a detailed overview of the certification process, please read through the CTP Program slides and Frequently Asked Questions document, or contact us to schedule a call.

Program fees

There is a one-time application fee of €500, to be paid to GRI before the application can be processed. Further details are set out in ourPricing Policy

Once the TLA is signed, a certification fee will be issued to kick-off the certification process. The fee includes certification of the training materials in English and complimentary access to two out of four mandatory GRI Academy courses for all nominated trainers, authorized to conduct the GRI courses. 

CTPs can nominate as many trainers as they wish on the condition that they complete the current (2021) GRI Professional Certification Program before they start teaching.

Before the new CTP can begin offering GRI training courses, the annual license fee has to be paid, based on the partner’s annual revenue - further details can be found in the Pricing Policy. Additionally, a new partner is required to become a member of the GRI Community, which also comes with a membership fee.

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If you have any questions about the program, please contact the Training and Certification team

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