An evolving sustainability role for investor relations

Published date: 26 October 2022

Medium article by Daniele Coronacion, ASEAN Regional Program Manager

Amid growing demands for companies to provide robust and verifiable information on their sustainability performance, investor relations (IR) professionals fulfil a crucial role in delivering feedback to management and taking action to address communication gaps.

This topic was explored in-depth through a recent event hosted by GRI ASEAN. In an article on Medium, Daniele Coronacion shares insights from corporate leaders, exploring how and why IR is moving to the forefront of sustainability communications, with financial markets and stakeholders, as well as ESG investment stewardship.

Bridging the gap between sustainability and fiduciary duty

As more and more investors are showing interest in how a business accounts for its impacts, the IR role has expanded to encapsulate communications about ESG as well as financial performance. Managing sustainability impacts is imperative for a company’s long-term financial wellbeing. Integrating ESG considerations not only helps companies identify and mitigate their risks, but more importantly, it creates innovations that open up business opportunities.”

Daniele Coronacion, GRI

This article reflects on the seventh and final instalment of the GRI Expert Series on Sustainable Business Leadership, which took place under the theme, ‘the role of investor relations in integrating sustainability and investment strategies’.