Expanding global reach of the GRI Standards

Published date: 27 November 2023

Topic and Sector Standard translations are up for peer review

To reflect the continued development of the world’s most widely used sustainability reporting standards, GRI is seeking peer reviewers to assist with the translation of the upcoming set of Standards, set to publish next year. 

The peer review process for the revised Topic Standard for Biodiversity (GRI 304: Biodiversity 2016) and the Sector Standard for Mining will aim to ensure that the GRI Standards continue to be accessible to organizations around the world in multiple languages, thereby encouraging their adoption. 

GRI is specifically looking for peer reviewers who are experienced users of the Standards to assess the Italian and Portuguese translations of mining and biodiversity-related disclosures, assuring their consistency and usability for prospect sustainability reporters. 

In addition, subject matter experts in mining and biodiversity are also required, to help evaluate the more technical terminology of the two Standards in: Arabic, Chinese (including traditional Chinese), French, Bahasa Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. 

The peer reviewer roles are on a pro bono basis. All reviewers will be officially acknowledged in the published translations. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply by sending their CVs to [email protected] by 18 December 2023. 

The revised Biodiversity Standard will reflect the latest expectations and best practices for organizations reporting their related impacts. The Sector Standard for Mining will cover over 20 topics and apply to organizations involved in the exploration, extraction, and primary processing of minerals, as well as those that provide the sector with support activities, and specialized products and services. 

The English versions of both Standards are planned for release in 2024, with the peer-reviewed translations expected to publish by the end of May next year.