Role of HR in a sustainably managed business

Published date: 07 March 2022

Medium article by Katreena Pillejera, Country Manager — Philippines

The pandemic has brought demands for equitable workplace policies to the fore like never before. Yet a gap often remains between the diversity, equality, and inclusion expectations for a responsibly managed companies and the reality.

This issue was explored in a recent webinar held by GRI ASEAN, on how effective human resource management (HRM) can ensure the ‘social’ in ESG is given the attention it deserves. Katreena Pillejera, our Country Manager for the Philippines, shares they key out-takes from that session, in this Medium article:

Effective HR is the moral compass for sustainability

The pandemic has confirmed that human capital is the most valuable resource of any organization, while putting the spotlight on where HRM systems fall short . Against this backdrop, organizations are increasingly realizing that a commitment to reporting is crucial to assess how they approach both sustainability and HR performance.

Katreena Pillejera

The emergence of sustainable human resource management was the fourth instalment of the GRI Expert Series: Building Leadership for Sustainable Business. The next event (9 March) looks at the how Chief Financial Officers can drive sustainable growth.