Sector Standard Project for Textiles and Apparel

Project update

Recruitment for the Working Group is now closed. We are seeking applications from experts in the sector, as well as representatives from civil society, investment institutions, labor, and other parties with expertise in impact reporting. This multi-stakeholder Working Group will be tasked with developing a Sector Standard which then will be considered by the Global Sustainability Standards Board (GSSB).

The importance of this Standard

The textiles and apparel sector provides essential products and is a key contributor to the global economy. The sector’s complex and fragmented supply chain, however, is characterized by a range of negative impacts. Most widely documented are those related to labor and human rights in producing countries. The sector is also a key contributor to the increasing levels of greenhouse gas emissions and waste.

The purpose of the Textiles and Apparel Sector Standard is to enhance the quality and comparability of sustainability information, by setting the global best practice for organizations operating in textile production, apparel and footwear manufacturing as well as retail.

Read the Project Proposal for more information.

About this project

The Sector Standards are designed to help identify a sector's most significant impacts and reflect stakeholder expectations for sustainability reporting. 

The textiles and apparel sector has previously been approved by the GSSB as one of the next sectors for which a standard will be developed. 

Sectors are prioritized based on the seriousness and the likelihood of their impacts – considering the overall size of the sector, distribution around the world, and the number of organizations that are in a position to use the GRI Standards. 

If you have questions or would like more information about this project please contact [email protected].  

Project Overview

Q1 2023
Project commencement
Q1-Q3 2023
Appointment of the Textiles and Apparel Working Group
Q3 2023 - Q1 2024
Development of exposure draft
Q2 - Q3 2024
Public comment period
Q3 2024 - Q1 2025
Consideration of public comment and revision of the standard
Q2 2025
Expected release of Textiles and Apparel Sector Standard

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